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Justin Sun Net Worth, How Much Does Justin Sun earn?

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Justin Sun is a Chinese-Grenadian diplomat, entrepreneur, and business executive. He is Grenada's Ambassador and WTO Permanent Rep. He is also an active member of the World Economic Forum as well as a permanent representative from Grenada to WTO. He is also the creator of TRON and of cryptocurrency. We look at some of his most notable accomplishments below.

Justin Sun is currently an American member of the United States World Economic Council. Here he works in international trade matters. He is a keen investor in Bitcoin and has also opened 13 U.S.-based bank accounts. The alleged lack of disclosure led to confusion among former employees, who claimed that Sun had been telling them to spread their money across multiple bank accounts to avoid the anti-money-laundering laws. Despite the lackluster transparency, Sun is today the most successful crypto entrepreneur.

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Sun's rise to the top is not without controversy. Sun is also the founder of TRON cryptocurrency platform, and controversial stablecoin Tether. He is also the former chief representative of Ripple in Greater China. However, the controversial cryptocurrency does have a downside. Sun is viewed as too controversial and does not do his job well. To focus on the real-world, he is phasing away his crypto-related projects.

After he was appointed ambassador to Grenada, Sun became the first big controversy. His new role will allow him to lobby for favorable crypto policy throughout the world. He has already used his public position to promote TRON. He met the Russian WTO representative, discussed humanitarian use cases for blockchain technology, and met with him. After his appointment, a representative of Peking University called the Chinese government and blocked Sun from all his social media accounts. For his political activities, the government closed down some of his Internet accounts. However, his tweet was deleted.

Sun was already accused of numerous other crimes before becoming CEO at TRON. Sun was convicted of hacking and money laundering. He also has two other citizenships - he was born in the Caribbean. In the U.S., he has a history of blaming conservatives and the U.S.'s inability to legitimize cryptocurrency has also caused a political scandal in Grenada.

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Sun spent millions of dollars on art since his arrest. He has also bought Gucci shoes as well as a GMC Denali. He has been known to spend millions of dollars on art. The only thing that he doesn't love is celebrity shopping. Recently, he announced that he was the winner of a $28 million spacecraft ticket.


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Justin Sun Net Worth, How Much Does Justin Sun earn?